As of today, LOIZOUDI has more than 130 years of history. Our continuous focus on high-end brands and quality products has been tantamount in the establishment of our proven track record and our recognized name.

LOIZOUDI was founded in 1878 by Loizos I. Christofides. At the time our founder focused on importing high-end materials and fabrics for haúte couture gowns and dresses, mainly sourced from Italy and France. By 1945 the LOIZOUDI store operated within the most prestigious mall in Nicosia. Its considerable network of brands from abroad allowed for the import of materials according to the latest trends in fashion. This pioneering mode of trade, for the time, sealed the company’s image as a distributor of high-end fabrics and a specialist in fashion counseling.

In the early 1950s, ready-made clothing began appearing for retail and hence tailored garments began losing their appeal. The firm immediately recognized this threat to its business model and decided to switch its philosophy to interior design, fabrics, wall coverings, wall papers, furniture and home accessories.

In 1963, LOIZOUDI transforms from a retail store to a modern design center and relocates to a three-story building on Louki Akrita Avenue, where the firm is located up to this day, five generations later. In 1984 LOIZOUDI expands its sales network in Limassol with the opening of a retail store on Genethliou Mitella road.

Today, the LOIZOUDI brand continues to break new ground in the realm of fabric and design and is true to its roots of continuously offering its clientele the most high-end and the very best of quality products and materials.